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Painting Services

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Interior/ Exterior Painting & Pressure washing
Most homeowners need an exterior painting that will give great durability,but is also cost effective. We have
designed our premium exterior painting service around this concept. It provides durable,cost effective,
and attractive solutions for your exterior painting needs. Our services fit within most budges. The material
used in our premium service meets or exceeds manufactures specifications. Our professional house
painters are well trained to carry out your painting project according to time tested industry standard,and
manufacturers` specifications.
New Lead Safety Rules As a painting contractor or residential rental property owner/manager,you play an important role in protecting
public health by helping prevent lead exposure.According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,many
homes,schools and day-care centers in the U.S. built before 1978 still have lead-based paint.Ordinary
painting and maintenance activities can create dust that contains lead.New national EPA rules to protect
against this risk go into effect April 22,2010. Contractors performing work that disturbs lead-based paint in
homes,apartments,childcare facilities and schools build before 1978 must be EPA certified and follow
specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Exterior painting: Getting startedPainting the siding,trim and other exterior parts of your house is a big job,but the rewards are big too.
You`ll extend the life of your siding,increase the value and curb appeal of your home.
An essential reference for every homeowner – curb appeal shows readers how to add maximum
appeal and value to their property with a minimum investment of time and money

1.Wash Surfaces

• As per your proposal, areas are either power washed or hand washed to remove dirt, mildew, algae and grime.

• More pressure is applied to large hard to reach areas.
2.Surface Preparation

• Based on your proposal,all loose paint is scraped.

• All gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion.

• Repaired areas are primed and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.

• Complete clean up shall be performed,trash removal and sweeping of paint chips.

• After our own inspection,you are invited to inspect our work, and asked to complete the feedback card for crew.

• Complete and finalize project.

Tips for Maintenance

Keep water,leaves and other objects away from exterior finished surfaces.
Maintain gutters,downspouts,drains,and other utilities.
Trim landscaping away from finished surfaces ( This promotes drying and
prevents mildew formation,specially in shaded areas.)
Pressure Washing exterior surfaces as needed.
E & M Remodeling’s Premium Exterior Painting Service is a high performance paint job offering
top quality protection against rain,sun exposure,temperature extremes
and mildew growth.


Welcome to E & M Remodeling’s painting & Power washing service! We are a full service exterior cleaning
company in Salem OR. Whether your needs are pressure washing, deck and fence restoration,
or window washing, you will find your solution here. We are dedicated to providing our customers
with the highest level of service at a fair and affordable price.With E & M Remodeling, you can
experience the difference, because the difference is (Experience). Whether your property is
residential or commercial, you will find us fully capable of meeting your cleaning needs.
Power washing is an excellent method of removing dirt, mold and mildew which causes the
deterioration of your Oregon home’s exterior surfaces. Whether your home is wood
frame, brick, siding or stucco, power washing will clean and restore its original beauty and
remove unsightly stains.

Interior Painting Services

E & M Remodeling is one of the premier interior painting companies in Oregon. We specialize in a wide range of interior painting services for both big and small jobs. We are able to provide satisfaction and customer-delight to all of our customers with quality workmanship, superior products and fine service. For all of your interior painting needs, E & M Remodeling stands above and beyond the rest. We pride ourselves on pursuing a high-level professionalism with attention to detail, and clean work areas. Our interior house painters are experienced and friendly individuals who work hard to consistently give you the highest level of craftsmanship for your interior painting project.
With all of our jobs, our interior painters promise to have your project done on time and within budget.
We guarantee your utmost satisfaction with every interior painting job. Let our painters demonstrate
their skill and expertise today! Our professionalism makes all the difference.

For questions or estimates, please call (503) 949-5195
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E & M Remodeling has a highly experienced team  that strives to provide you with all of your kitchen, bathroom and other home remodeling needs. E & M Remodeling will be your general contractor for new construction.

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