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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a retired building contractor that was active for 35 years in the Polk and Marion County, OR area. I have been retired since 2005. I have been a customer of the Van Well Building Supply in Dallas for over 20 years, so that when I began building a 2,l00 s.f. wood-framed garage, I needed someone knowledgeable in the installation of cedar board and batt siding. I was, to learn later that it was more complicated than it seemed. It involved nailing patterns that would not result in the wood later splitting, the required backing sloping vertical and cuts, header sill cuts, etc. I have known for many years Greg at Van well, who handles most of the plan take-offs and contractor liaison . I asked him who he would recommend. Without hesitation, he recommended Erick. I was fortunate to have him work on my project. He carefully worked the rigid board and batt spacing pattern onto a most difficult structure, so that it all came together. After the siding had dried out this summer, Erick agreed to seal coat the cedar siding. Although it was a necessary step, it was no easy task. Because myself and my wife had been so impressed with their professionalism and quality results, we inquired about removing and replacing the 1,700 s.f. elevated deck with railing and steps in the rear of our house. Because we were so pleased with the results we asked them to continue on and remove and replace the adjacent 6 cord woodshed. I can attest to E & M Remodeling being punctual, and helpful in their approach and the quality of their workmanship. They also kept me updated as these jobs progressed. If I had additional work to be done, they would be the first ones I would call.


Dallas,0R 97338

We are VERY happy with our new concrete – thank you so much for all of your hard work. We just want you to know how impressed we were with our entire experience with you and your company – it was so refreshing to work with someone who does everything with excellence – from simply returning our calls to working with us every step of the way so that we ended up with exactly what we wanted. We will definitely be dropping your name to anyone who asks us for a great referral. I hope you know I have your wife on speed dial and I know how to track you down when the next project comes up in our house!
We actually haven’t even had a minute to work on filling in the dirt but I’m sure that what you left will be great.
Again, Erick, I know that you are swamped with work and probably don’t need it, but please feel free to use us any time you need a reference of a happy customer.

Have a great day,

Matt and Jennifer



E & M Remodeling did a great job installing my new sunroom and replacing our old deck with new Trex decking and glass railing. I was very pleased at how on time they were every morning and with how the overall project turned out. Thank you E & M

Work Completed Date:
March 17, 2010
Hire Again:
Description Of Work:
They removed old steps and put in new ones.
Member Comments:
Everything turned out very well! They were very prompt and completed the project just as they said that they would.
Work Completed Date:
August 20, 2009
Hire Again:
Description Of Work:
Two sets of brick and railroad ties were falling apart; they looked awful and were a safety problem. In fact my husband took a terrible fall on one set last winter. Eric from E&M Remodeling and Construction looked at the job, listened to my concerns, and pointed out a couple of considerations that had not occurred to me. He gave me a business card with his state licensing number and after a two day interval he e-mailed me an estimate that broke down the costs for each set of steps. I accepted the bid. He removed all the bricks and railroad ties on the two stairways, as well as some cracked and tilted concrete.. He built forms that accommodated the turns of the stairs and filled them. Then he and his uncle finished the surfaces, removed, and carried away the forms. Two men did all the work, except for the pouring which took three men, plus the truck driver. They worked the surface to a beautifully colored gravelly texture.
Member Comments:
This went better than my most optimistic dreams. Eric carried out the project without a hitch, and with perfect results. Stairs are tricky because they have to be level to walk on but with a teeny slope to carry away the rain.

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